Portland’s favorite Indie band The Shins performed at McMenamins Edgefield on Wednesday, and it was a night to remember.

The Indie folk-rocker’s gave fans a well-paced setlist of tracks enhanced by tasteful lighting, summer solstice ambience and the venue’s outstanding acoustics.

Choosing tracks from throughout their 13+ year-career, the band surprised fans playing both obscure (“Caring is Creepy” “Girl Inform Me”) and well-known tracks (“Phantom Limb” “Simple Song”) with bravado and polish.

The takeaway message from this week’s show?

The fact their newest release was sheer delight needn’t distract us from the fact The Shins have been making great music for years.


On tour to promote new release “Heartworms,” the band’s upcoming whistle stops include California, Iowa, New York, Canada and Europe. They return to Oregon in September and are scheduled to perform at Eugene’s McDonald Theater.

Here’s “Name for You” from the new album.

Name for You