Haven’t heard of Andrew Maxwell Morris yet? This folk-pop singer-songwriter from the U.K. offers up a sound collection of alluring, contemplative tracks on his “Well Tread Roads” debut.

“Roads” opens on the lovely acoustic guitar notes of his reflective “On a Rainbow.” With music a bit akin to David Gray, Morris is one of the UK’s best-kept secrets. Some refer to his musical style as Americana, though perhaps “acoustic-folk” is a better descriptor.

On a Rainbow

Whatever the label, his warm songs hold claim to universal appeal with clean, effective compositions and sound storytelling.

“In a Heartache,” one of his favorite tracks to perform live, is a winner. “It has real meaning for me and the rhythm really allows me to get into the song properly,” says Morris.

Have a listen.

In a Heartache

Musician and singer-songwriter Andrew Maxwell Morris has played Glastonbury 4 times.

From Melbourne, Australia, Morris’s love for music began in childhood. He learned piano at age 5 and undertook guitar, songwriting and drums at 12.

Today his musical influences include Ben Harper, Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan. “The way he arranges a band is amazing,” says Morris, “and even though he doesn’t have the most melodic voice it’s just so honest.”

Repeat performances at Glastonbury

Morris, who lives in a small, charming village in the U.K. called Bookham, has performed at Glastonbury 4 times. His band members are: Dan Seddon, bass; Ronan McCullough, electric guitars; Lettie, backing vocals and Philippe Castermane on drums.

Title track “Well Tread Roads” is another album standout. It’s a lovely arrangement featuring delicate guitar passages, strong vocals and evocative harmonies.

What the future holds

Will this exceptional UK musician be playing here in the U.S. any time soon?

“I would love to,” says Morris. “It feels like such a big place to conquer…Portland would be a great place to start.”

You can find read more about Morris here, and find his music on iTunes .