In the market for upbeat music that lifts off winter fog and lets in the sunshine?

Trapdoor Social‘s new “Science of Love” EP offers up 6 sparkling tracks pop-rock enthusiasts will easily embrace.  The opening title track, currently picking up video and radio airplay, showcases some creative synth touches and the lively, exuberant lead vocals of Merrit Graves.

Trapdoor Social at JBTV

“Angel City” is one of the most engaging tracks on the new EP. The song is likely a reference to the more frequent, catastrophic fires in California’s southland – part of what many believe is the natural outcome to our warming climate.

“Angel City” features solid piano by Zac Rae, great drumming and an infectious chorus; songwriters Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk sing harmonies on most tracks.

Angel City

About Trapdoor Social

A 5-member band from Los Angeles, the heart of Trapdoor Social are musicians Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk. Their music is inspired by environmental and planetary concerns – they met while taking a college environmental program. The band has grown and now also includes Louie Gonzalez, guitar; Patrick Griffen, bass; and Eyal Dahan, drums. 

Out doing good in the world: While working on the “Science of Love” EP, Graves and Funk decided to put their music to work toward something they believed in, ultimately deciding to donate solar power where it could be put to best use. Homeboy Industries, a local non-profit that re-trains former gang members for jobs, was chosen as recipient. Through the end of 2013, they worked with their partners to rally $35,000 worth of solar power, donating 100 percent of funds raised from the special full-length album release (17 songs not yet available to the general public) towards adding a 6.4kw solar rooftop to Homeboy’s headquarters.


“Out Alive,” an energetic pop-rock track that calls to mind early Maroon 5, is an effervescent jam session that would be great fun to see performed live. It’s also an exceptional dance track that should reward the band with sing-a-longs, hand-clapping and all the rest that accompanies enthusiastic audience participation.

Out Alive

“Inertia,” which comes from their first “Death of a Friend” EP, is another of their strongest tracks; it’s a great arrangement with a brooding, melodic chorus. An embed link was not available online but you can hear it here:


A relatively young band, they still seem to be finding their voice. If they continue creating music like they have on “Angel City,” “Science of Love,” “Out Alive,” “Like You Never” and “Inertia,” Trapdoor Social should be able to garner attention from all age levels and pull in airplay on more radio stations.

Guaranteed to brighten your day, you can find their music on iTunes or on their website.