Hung out with a friend Saturday night at a popular Eugene, OR, watering hole – Mac at the Vet’s – otherwise known as “The Vet’s Club,” downtown on Willamette Street. The band was Brian Chevalier & Heavy Chevy and they played a diverse and appealing setlist (several, actually) of old rock n’ roll standards like Springsteen’s “Pink Cadillac” and CCR’s “Born on the Bayou.”

Wish I had a clip of the latter because between the lead guitar player and the gal on Sax, it was one amazing performance – a long jam session of that much-loved CCR classic that had everyone on the dance floor. The Sax player was so good, by the way, that during the break I told her she sounded like someone playing on SNL.


Here’s a little video of Chevalier & company performing “Borrow another Dollar” – pop a cold one and let the good times roll!